Online Ad Campaigns

Momentum is a Google Partner Agency in Dubai. Our UAE based PPC Consultants are Certified on Google Adwords. We help your business get found when people are searching for your products and services. Our PPC management services include Ad Re-targeting and Google Display Network awareness campaigns to increase brand recall. 

Online Ad Campaigns

How does Google PPC work?

Pay per click advertising allows businesses to display their online ads dubai ads on Google Search Display Results. The advertiser pays every time a user clicks on the ad. When a user is searching for some information, Google uses an Ad Rank algorithm together with a quality score, to determine if the ad displayed is relevant for that particular search. Without a high-quality score and required criteria for Ad Rank, an ad might not even show up. We work with businesses to ensure that their ad ranks on the top by building an optimum automated or manual bidding strategy. 

What happens after a user clicks on my ad?

adwords partner indiaAha. User clicks redirects to a landing page where you can ask the user to take the next action - leave his information, buy something, SaaS demo, subscribe to your newsletter, etc. If you have used Google ad extensions for products and services, users can land directly on the product page to buy the product or service. Logically, Google allows you to track conversions as well.


How can Momentum help with Google Ads?


 adwords partner india

Momentum is a Google Adwords Partner Agency in Dubai.

  • We work with you to research the right keywords and eliminate negative keywords (so you don't waste money).

  • We help you in bidding the right amount for your choice of relevant keywords.

  • After manual bidding and creating few conversions, we set up automated bidding and let Google do its magic to get you more leads and sales.

  • We write the remarkable Ad copy to attract your core audience.

  • We build outstanding mobile-friendly landing pages to get user clicks and move them down your sales funnel.

  • We connect your CRM with your landing pages, so the user contact information lands directly in your CRM for your marketing automation or sales team do their magic.