Email Marketing Agency in Dubai

Email Marketing is not dead. Using email for marketing is a remarkable medium if done correctly. Email allows brands to engage with their prospects and customers. Great emails have valuable content. Users should look forward to opening your emails because of the value you provide to them.

Email marketing is no longer about sending mass emails. It is about customizing emails (not just mail merge) for your audience depending on where they are in their buyer's journey.  

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Email Marketing Services

  1. Our Dubai based Email Marketing team designs customized emails for your buyer personas (ideal customer profiles).  

  2. We use AIDA (attention, information, desire, action) copywriting formats for emails with an attention grabbing subject for a user to click on the email.

  3. Once clicked, we design powerful CTAs (call-to-action) for users to go your website or landing pages to take them to the next step.

  4. We create responsive email creatives which work great on mobile phones (most people read email on mobile devices).

  5. We improve email deliverability, open rates and click rates.

As an Email Marketing Agency in UAE, we customize complex workflows for your leads and subscribers to nurture them to become customers.